Delivery Options

Scaff System s.r.l. is committed to deliver the products ordered by the customer, using reliable couriers, at the address specified when registering order details.

For goods purchased from the site, there is no pick up at the store/office

No responsibility can be attributed to Scaff System s.r.l. in the event of a delay in processing the order, or delivery of goods ordered. The shipping costs will be charged to the Customer as specified in the order.

In the event that the carrier has been appointed in any way directly from the customer, Scaff System s.r.l. will not be liable for loss and / or damage and / or damage to the goods from the moment of delivery to the carrier at our stores.


Scaff System s.r.l. guarantees the best care and expertise in the packaging of products, in order to avoid the risk of receiving damaged goods.


All registered customers who have bought from will be notified by e-mail of the status of the shipment:

“goods left for the destination”, and / or “on delivery”, and / or”hold for pickup”, and / or "no recipient", etc..

In addition, the customer will be given the code needed to track the shipment on the website of the selected carrier, if available.


From the date of delivery, the courier delivers the goods normally within 24 hours-72 hours (working days) in Italy, 48/72 hours on the islands and uncomfortable place. The processing of the order with the completion of all packaging operations and administrative practices, normally takes place within 24/72 hours (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded) starting from the dispatch of the e-mail of acceptance to the customer. The shipment will not happen before the recording of the payment of orders executed with the formula of "advance payment". However, the delivery may be subject to change due to force majeure, due to the special conditions of traffic and variability in general, due to the unavailability of the goods, as well as to act of the authorities, any delays in delivery can not, therefore, be attributed to it due to Scaff System s.r.l..

Delivery is at street level.

Upon delivery of the package, the customer is required to check:

That the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transport document.

That the packaging is not damaged, or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials (tape, etc.)..

The goods travels entirely at the risk of the Customer. We recommend the customer to insure the package. Any damage or the mismatch in the number of packages or indications must be immediately reported to the carrier making the delivery. We recommend, therefore, especially in the case of fragile goods, signing on the withdrawal note with "Reserve Check", in order to request the replacement of the goods insured. U Once signed the document in the hands of the courier, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of the goods.

Any problems concerning damage to the goods, matching or completeness of the products received, must be reported within 7 days of delivery, in the manner provided herein.

In the case of non-collection within 3 working days of the material in storage at the warehouse of the carrier, due to repeated inability to deliver to the address specified by the Customer, the order will be automatically canceled. The amount paid will be refunded to the customer, after having deducted the cost of shipping both ways, and cost of storage.